Air Conditioning

What's included in the Air Conditioning Service?


  • Recharging refrigerant to recommended levels

  • Adding fresh system oil

  • Check operation of air conditioning system

  • Full visual inspection, temperature and leak checks

  • Recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from system


All for £60.00 + vat


While air con is largely considered a means of keeping comfortable in your car when it is hot outside, what many do not realise is that having working air conditioning is vital in winter too. The dry air that moves around your air conditioning system can help to keep your windows clear during the colder months.


Often, you may find that your car windows steam up, which is due to condensation getting trapped in your vehicle. This happens more frequently during autumn than summer as it tends to be warmer in the car than outside.


What is worse is that during winter you will often find that your windows are covered with ice. The best way to get rid of either ice or condensation is by blasting your air conditioning at it.  Using your air con to get rid of condensation or ice works well because the air that blows out of it is dry, which in time causes any water on your windows to dry up and gets rid of it fairly quickly.  Keeping this air blasting at your windows will continue to stop any moisture building up, which is vital for visibility.


However, it is also important to keep an eye on your air conditioning system as it can be a drain on your fuel economy.  Over time, your system will permeate gas, which means that it will take up more energy to keep the system running. This will cost you more in fuel and will be bad for your battery if you leave it on while your car engine is off.


For this reason, it is very important that you get your Air conditioning checked at least every two years and to make sure it is fully recharged with both gas and lubricant to make sure it is running well.


This is a service that you can book in for, where an experienced technician will check over the condition of your system and will do any repair work needed.

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